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This case is from year 2015. Today Metso Automation is Valmet Automation.


Process Automation Systems is a part of Metso Automation. Process Automation Systems develops analyzers and measurement solutions for the process industry, as well as the distributed control system platform Metso DNA, which is a single automation system for all functions – process, machine, drive and quality controls. It covers information management along with mechanical and field device condition monitoring.

Case description

This case was a complex and advanced research topic that had several paths we could follow. The goal was to find out what can be done with existing technologies, to identify and mitigate the technology risks, and to innovative differentiating solutions to the problems at hand.

We used the opportunity tree technique to plan the work and make high-level prioritization decisions. The underlying back-end technologies were based on available open source components and Intopalo’s previous work. For the user experience, we started with simple hand-drawn user interface prototypes and continued with interactive user interface mockups. We also implemented a working prototype.

Intopalo turned out to be an outstanding partner for a complex project that was difficult to define. Their experience and competencies combined with the right kind of passion to achieve results are commendable.

The Intopalo team and our team found a common way of working immediately, and what they achieved together was more and better than we could have expected.

Matti Sarén Director of Technology, Metso Automation

  • 9 joint invention reports, out of which 6 patent applications were made
  • Technology selections and open source IPR risk analysis
  • Validated proof of concept implementation
  • User experience concept, visualized as use cases and 3D rendered videos