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Fendt – a Brand of AGCO Corporation – is a leading manufacturer of tractors and harvesting machines. The project was carried out with Fendt’s Research & Advanced Engineering department.

Case description

Project Xaver set out to innovate and implement an agricultural system that consists of a fleet of robots able to autonomously plant a corn field while being supervised by a farmer over his tablet.

Intopalo’s technological expertise and experience with IoT systems has proved to be invaluable. Their ability to rapidly iterate and adjust to arising possibilities in creating a new concept was exceptional.

Thiemo Buchner Project Manager and Robotics Engineer in Research & Advanced Engineering at Fendt


The implemented system contains distributed machine intelligence that is controlled and monitored using a cloud-backed mobile user interface. A farmer can plan, monitor and control his fleet of planting robots and a logistics unit containing seed and battery reservoir – all from the comfort of his own tablet device.

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