Cyber security and data privacy action plans for Celkee Cyber security and data privacy action plans for Celkee

About the customer

Celkee is the creator of Celkee Insight®, the best available real-time and social feedback solution for successful leaders, who do not settle for the ordinary and deserve tomorrow’s solutions today.

Celkee Insight® offers an unprecedented real-time and visual situational overview on the matter that you are leading. Thanks to the social features of the solution, a real-time and open process reveals the significant information that has previously been hidden. Celkee Insight® pinpoints important issues up to 6 months earlier than typical previous solutions.

Celkee Insight® is based on Celkee’s Human Intelligence Technology™ platform.

Customer challenge

As the Celkee Insight® service manages business critical information, Celkee’s customers wanted to have credible assurance of appropriate implementation of information security. Celkee’s customers also wanted to make sure that the service is going to be compliant with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Even though Celkee’s experienced R&D team had been doing the right things regarding information security and data privacy, Celkee wanted to conduct a full security and privacy audit and get an action plan from experts.

Case description

The collaboration kicked off with Intopalo’s Cyber Security Action Plan service, which started with a current state analysis based on Intopalo’s MARS methodology. Based on the current state analysis, Celkee’s and Intopalo’s joint team created a threat model and formalized the existing security activities into a Celkee security program that constantly improves the ways of working and technologies that Celkee uses to protect the customer data.

Celkee also used Intopalo’s Data Privacy Action Plan service, which zeroed in on how Celkee manages personally identifiable information and what needed to be done to be compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

As Celkee’s team is experienced in information security, these steps were done mostly by the Celkee team themselves, making use of Intopalo’s ready-made templates and instructions, and Intopalo’s security specialist reviews.

Finally, the team created a marketing message and white papers to communicate Celkee’s information security and data privacy solutions to customers.

“I knew we were not too far off on proper cyber security solutions and practices, but I wanted full confidence as it’s our credibility that is at stake. We also wanted to be ready in time with our compliance with EU’s data privacy regulation.

I’m extremely satisfied with Intopalo’s Cyber Security Action Plan and Data Privacy Action Plan. The blueprints, materials and instructions were well-thought-out and a pleasure to use, and the recommendations and reviews by Intopalo’s experts were exactly to the point.

Now I can be happy with our plans, executed actions and security marketing materials, as I’m sure they will resonate well among the customer information security professionals and I can also sleep a bit better.“

Kimmo Vättö CEO, Celkee

Key results
  • Current state analysis and action plan for cyber security and data privacy in Celkee Insight®
  • A system architecture based threat model
  • The MVP of Celkee’s information security management program
  • Security and data privacy white papers
  • Updated privacy policies and code of conduct