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AGCO Power — a part of AGCO Corporation — is a leader in engine technology that supplies the engines to many of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors and other farm machinery. The plant in Linnavuori, Finland, creates more than 30,000 diesel engines annually.

Case description

Assembling diesel engines for farm machinery involves multiple stages of both manual and automated work. The manual stages are often time-consuming, error-prone, and incorporate a need for extensive verification.

A distribution and management system of application specific engine software was created as a combination of a cloud service and native clients which integrate with existing tools.

This system addresses the challenges related to the manual components of the production process, increasing efficiency while improving quality at the same time.

Intopalo’s technological expertise is exceptional and has the breadth and depth to support our development initiatives. The team’s forward-looking mindset and ability to work in close cooperation with our teams guaranteed success in the project.

Ari Konttinen Development Manager, Engine Management Systems at AGCO Power


Intopalo’s AGCO Power R&D cell is a prime example of the benefits in the R&D Cell way of working. Our domain and technology expertise was utilized to design and implement a distributed system incorporating both local and cloud based environments. The service could be provided in a cost-effective manner, adjusting to the scheduling constraints of the customer.