Senior Linux/ C++/ Qt Developer Senior Linux/ C++/ Qt Developer

Are you ready to change the world? Smart devices already changed how consumers interact with the world - now it is time to make whole industries smart by digitalizing their businesses.

We are looking for a senior C++/ Qt Developer to join our talented system software team in Tampere. This is a permanent, full-time job.

Are you ready to sit in the driver’s seat for our customers’ product development? Our projects are all about solving real-life challenges and inventing brand new solutions with our customers. Your work will be essential to the success of our customers. We rely heavily on teamwork as we brainstorm, design, and create something extraordinary together.

What Would I Be Doing?

You could be working in any of the interesting projects we have - usually for industries like agriculture, mining or maritime. You will be solving customer problems and working solutions for them. As a more experienced senior, you also have opportunities in cell leading, teaching, and mentoring.

These are customer projects, so you’ll be working directly with them. You are comfortable interacting with international customers and coworkers. Your closest colleagues will be our system software development people. Other colleagues at Intopalo Digital and from the Insta Group will also be your extended team.

If you get your kicks developing software for big moving machines with modern C++, creating state-of-the-art UIs with Qt, and creating elegant and robust software systems, this is nothing short of a dream job!

Is This Job And Organization For Me?

The cornerstones of our culture at Intopalo Digital are trust, psychological safety, and individuals’ growth to their full potential. Working in various environments and with different stakeholders means that self-management and leadership skills, as well as self-knowledge, reflection and communication skills, are a must. You’ll get freedom and responsibility, and it’s not always a walk in the park. We believe the cultural fit is crucial - you can’t be productive and happy in your work sustainably without it. This blog post might give you some insight into the matter.

This is a job for you if you:

  • Like working with C++, Qt, and Linux
  • Get excited about challenges
  • Seek a place where to grow, learn and develop your skills and abilities
  • Like teamwork in addition to immersing in the coding flow

This probably won’t be your cup of tea if you:

  • Want strict guidance in your work
  • Don’t want to make decisions based on partial information
  • Don’t want to work with customers or different teams
What Are We Looking For?

We would be thrilled to find someone with experience developing on the embedded Linux environment. We would like you to have some of the following:

  • Several years of experience with C++ or Qt, preferably in embedded environments
  • Knowledge of modern C++ and other modern systems programming languages such as Rust is seen as a plus
  • Experience with embedded Linux distributions, Yocto, Linux kernel hacking, device drivers, or network protocol implementations are a plus
  • Excellent teamwork skills and ability to still self-manage
  • That you are accomplished in your own area, yet always strive to learn new things
Ready To Roll?

Let us get to know you by telling us about your skills and what motivates and drives you.

If you have any questions about this job or Intopalo Digital as an employer, Sami Enne will be happy to tell you more at +358 44 799 3026.

Apply by the 31st of March 2020 at 23.59. We’ll start interviewing candidates during the application period and fill the position as soon as we find the right new colleague.

The recruitment process includes two rounds of interviews and a demonstration of skills. Note that a security clearance check by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service will be conducted for successful applicants.